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When a man with a shovel dies, a giant shovel falls into his lap.

A new documentary has revealed the story behind the legend of the giant shovel.

The Land and Landscape Show, produced by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, tells the story of the man who dug up a giant hole in the ground and filled it with dirt to create a giant tunnel.

According to the documentary, the shovel was named after a German man who named his shovel the Land and the Landscape after his large dig.

He lived in the late 1800s and died at the age of 100, but the shovel is said to have been the property of a woman who lived nearby.

The woman lived alone and had a son who used to run the shop, according to the Smithsonian.

It was the woman’s son who first dug up the shovel and then buried it in the basement of the woman.

Why you shouldn’t buy the carpet cleaner that says ‘clean’

The name “clean” has become synonymous with the brand, which is now synonymous with cleaning the home.

But some consumers are being duped by the brand to think that the cleaning products are organic.

The word “organic” is often used to refer to the natural ingredients that make up the carpet.

For example, a recent study in the journal Nature found that some carpet cleaners claimed to be organic while others did not.

The word is often also used to mean “natural” or “made with organic materials”.

But organic carpet cleaners are not always organic, and there are a number of products that claim to be, including those that claim organic ingredients, or that are made from natural ingredients.

There are also products that use synthetic ingredients, such as “organic polyurethane”, which is often advertised as a “natural substance”.

However, many carpet cleaners claim to use organic ingredients.

This means they are not really organic at all.

A brand such as Meijer, which was recently fined $250,000 by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for not labeling its carpet cleaning products as organic, was one of the brands found to be misleading consumers.

The company is also currently under investigation in the US.

In a blog post, the company said that it had “an extensive commitment to the organic community”, but added:”It is our policy to adhere to our code of conduct, and the products we sell are certified organic, including in our carpet cleaning line.”

According to the FTC, Meijers products were found to have “organic chemical compounds, which are typically used in organic carpet care products” as well as “other synthetic compounds” that are not found in organic products.

The company’s carpet cleaning website says it is “an award-winning carpet cleaner with a history of innovation, with over 100 years of carpet cleaning experience, that combines a gentle, long-lasting and reliable cleaning process with the latest in cleaning technology.”

In addition to the label stating that its carpet cleaners contain “natural ingredients”, the company also said that their products are made in the United States and are “certified organic”.

The FTC is also investigating Meijerman’s claims that its cleaners are “not just cleaning the carpet, but also helping to keep it clean”.

The company is currently appealing the fine, and Meijercolle has said it plans to appeal the FTC decision.

The FTC says that “organic carpet cleaning” is not an official term.

It also says that Meijering’s products are not organic.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is also working on a voluntary standard for labeling.

The CPSC has said that its standard is “not intended to be a substitute for a state-certified food label”, and that “such labeling would be voluntary”.

Which states have the highest levels of carbon monoxide?

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that one in every 10 people in the United States is exposed to the toxic gas, which is also known as CO poisoning.

The average American is exposed once in every two years, according to the agency.

The EPA has said it is working on new measures to reduce the pollution that can result from coal-fired power plants, which are responsible for about half of CO pollution.

A report by the state’s auditor found that, for every $100 spent on carbon mono, the state had an additional $1.60 in lost wages and benefits, according for a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

The report, titled The Carbon Monoxide Scare and How We Can Prevent It, found that state officials have not done enough to curb the rise in CO pollution, and that the EPA and other agencies are not properly tracking the number of people who are exposed to CO poisoning and how they are managing it.

The report also found that while states with more coal plants are expected to have lower CO levels than states without coal plants, the states with the most coal plants tend to have higher levels.

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