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Canadian carpet cleaners ‘need to be told’ not to go to work without a licence

Canadian carpet cleaning companies are being told not to wash their floors in the country unless they have a valid licence, a CBC News investigation has found.

In Canada, carpet cleaning is a highly regulated industry, which is regulated by the Canadian Association of the Floor And Tile Industry (CABITI), which has the power to regulate the carpet industry in Canada.CABICI’s regulations require carpet cleaning facilities to have a licence, and a licence is required to work in the carpet cleaning industry in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

But according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), carpet cleaning equipment and service businesses, such as carpet cleaning, have been shown to have higher levels of contamination than those in the American and British carpet cleaning industries.

In response, CFIB Canada President and CEO Bob Daley wrote a letter to CABITi President and chief executive officer Rob Silliman in September, asking for the company to remove carpet cleaning from its list of acceptable services.

“The CFIB believes that carpet cleaning businesses are not subject to the stringent regulations of the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Act (COHSA), and should not be allowed to operate,” wrote Sillimans letter.

“CAB ITI is not able to offer carpet cleaning services to any of our members without a carpet cleaning licence.”

In the letter, Daley and Silligan outlined their concerns that carpet cleaners are not required to comply with the rules.

“It is imperative that you immediately ensure that carpet and floor cleaning facilities comply with your requirements,” Daley’s letter said.

“We have raised this concern with your office and with the CEO of the CAB ITIs carpet cleaning business.

The issue is not only the carpeting industry in this country, but carpet cleaning in the rest of the world.

We are not in compliance with the CACHA [Canadian Automotive Council] rules, which require carpet and tile cleaning facilities that serve residential residential customers to have appropriate safety training and have been accredited by an accredited professional safety training provider.”CABI told CBC News that it does not comment on individual business relationships.”

We do not comment individually on individual member businesses,” the company said in an email.

“However, when an industry does become involved in a dispute, the CFIB and its member companies provide appropriate assistance and we are committed to working collaboratively to resolve the issues.

He said he believes that the carpet washing industry is doing a great job in the U.S., but said it needs more training and safety requirements in Canada to stay in business.”

It is important that carpet, tile and floor cleaners and their customers have access to the appropriate safety and health training they need.”CBC News spoke with several carpet cleaning operators and managers, including CABICIs founder and president, John Cawley.

He said he believes that the carpet washing industry is doing a great job in the U.S., but said it needs more training and safety requirements in Canada to stay in business.

Cawley, a former carpet cleaning manager at a Toronto condo complex, said he is concerned that carpet cleaner training is not being provided in the Canadian industry.

“I don’t see why we can’t have more carpet cleaning training in Canada, because I think that would be helpful for the industry,” he said.

“There is a lot of carpet cleaning going on, but it’s a very high-risk business.”

He also said that carpets cleaning needs to be done in a safe and sanitary environment.

“You need to be safe.

You need to know what you’re doing, and how to clean it properly,” he added.

Cabichin said the carpet cleaners should not have to wear masks, and should be able to get licensed in Canada in order to work.

“They should have a certification, so they can be licensed and be certified,” he told CBC.

“And you have to have proper training, because the carpet is very important to us.”

The Canadian carpet removal industry has been dealing with carpet cleaning since at least the 1950s, according to a recent survey of carpet cleaners by the CBA-US carpet removal trade association.

In that survey, more than a third of respondents said they had experienced carpet cleaning or cleaning of carpets and carpets products in the US.

A total of 7,852 carpet cleaning workers across the U, Canada and the US said they have experienced carpet cleaners in the USA or other countries, and an additional 1,826 reported having carpet cleaners working in Canada at some point.

But CBA officials told CBC that the survey only covers carpet cleaning by carpet cleaners, not cleaning by floor cleaning.

“The carpet cleaning and cleaning of floor carpets is a large segment of the carpet removal business,” said CBA president and CEO Dave Lippert.

“As with other sectors, carpet removal is a very safe business.”

However, the industry’s main concern is contamination.

The Canadian carpet and carpet cleaning

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