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‘I’m a little sad’: After cleaning carpet in hotel, landlord ‘was shocked’

A US hotel carpet cleaning company has been forced to refund $1,400 to its customers after a “thorough cleaning” by the landlord who was “surprised” to discover the carpet had been left in a bathroom, the Washington Post reported.

The incident happened in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue last year, and was caught on video by a customer.

The hotel management company, Clean Carpet, said the cleaning was done “within the guidelines” and was “in compliance with the standards and laws of the hotel.”

The incident, however, came to light after a customer complained that the hotel had left the carpet in a room with his son, who had been sleeping in the bathroom.

“We’re sorry to see that it was the carpet that caused the issue,” said Matt Kline, the managing director of Clean Carpets, in a statement.

“The carpet cleaning was thorough and in compliance with hotel industry standards.

It was also in compliance and in the best interest of the guests.”

The customer, who wished to remain anonymous, said that after cleaning the carpet, he found the carpet “breathing”.

“I guess you could say I was a little disappointed,” he said.

The customer also told the Washington Times that the carpet company’s “tactical” cleaning “didn’t go as planned”.

The Washington Post has not verified the video footage, and has asked the hotel to release it.

A hotel spokeswoman told the newspaper that the cleaning company was “trying to sort out the issue”.

The company said the “cleaner” cleaning was completed in a “proper environment”, but that the company “is still investigating and will take appropriate action”.

The hotel has said that “as the situation was unfolding, it was made clear that no carpet cleaning or cleaning staff was involved.”

A hotel spokesman said the incident is “under investigation”.

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‘Beware of fake carpet cleaners’

The latest fake carpet cleaner to hit the streets of Spokane is a scam that claims to be an Australian carpet cleaner that delivers a “fresh, free carpet cleaning service.”

But if you do get a “clean” carpet, it is likely a fake carpet and not actually one from Australia.

It is a case of fraud that has spread quickly and left Spokane residents scrambling to clean up their own carpet.

The scam is being carried out by a person called “Ariel” who is selling “Australian carpet cleaning services” at a local flea market.

A “cleaning service” in the real sense is a service that is advertised as a carpet cleaning and it is not advertised as carpet cleaning.

The only thing that is supposed to be advertised is the quality of the service.

The customer is not supposed to have any intention of cleaning the carpet or even the carpet itself, according to the Consumer Protection Act.

If you want to know how much a carpet cleaner charges, you can ask them, but it is much more likely to be a scam than a real carpet cleaning company.

There is a “scam” in carpet cleaning, but not in carpet laundering or carpet repair The scam claims to provide carpet cleaning “services” to “clean the carpet, get the dust off, get rid of stains, and make it look new.”

The “cleanser” will clean the carpet and you get to pick the product of the cleaning.

There are a number of problems with this scam.

First of all, it does not work, according the Consumer Agency of Canada.

There have been no reports of carpet cleaners or carpet cleaning spoliers being able to clean carpet or remove stains.

The carpet cleaners do not get any of the carpet stains, but the “cleaned” carpet does, according a consumer protection expert who asked not to be named.

And this is not a scam where the cleaners do anything, he added.

“They are just doing what the cleaners are supposed to do.”

The carpet cleaner claims that it is a real Australian carpet cleaning specialist.

The company does have an Australian logo, but in reality the company is a small operation with no staff, the Consumer Commission of Canada said in a statement.

The Australian carpet cleaners are not certified or licensed by the Australian Council of Trade Unions.

“It is difficult to know if the cleaning product is actually from Australia or not,” the commission said.

The commission said that “there are a wide range of carpet cleaning products available” and “there is no specific list of the Australian carpet-cleaning products.”

So far there has been no indication that the carpet cleaners were certified or approved by the council, which is the body that certifies Australian carpet technicians.

And it is possible that the cleaning services are actually “carpets made from recycled paper” rather than carpet.

So, what does the Australian Commission of Accreditation (ACAA) say?

In its report, the ACCA states that the ACCC “does not endorse carpet cleaning or carpet maintenance services” and that carpet cleaning is not an accredited industry.

The ACCC also says that the ACAA does not endorse “clearing and cleaning of carpet or other products” or “cleaping or cleaning of carpets.”

It does, however, endorse “the sale of carpet products.”

The ACCA said that the commission is currently working with the Australian Government on a review of the ACCCA’s carpet standards.

It will also be working with Australian carpet industry groups and other stakeholders to ensure that carpet cleaners and carpet maintenance companies do not promote carpet cleaning as a legitimate business.

The ACAA’s own website says: The ACCCA strongly encourages the sale of Australian carpet products.

It encourages all carpet cleaners to provide the carpet cleaning they offer and to disclose the cost of the services to potential customers.

The association also advises carpet cleaning companies to ensure customers are informed of the cost and availability of their carpet cleaning options.

But, it also advises that carpet service providers should make clear to potential clients what they charge for carpet cleaning before they undertake the task.

The Victorian government has also launched a campaign to stop carpet cleaning fraud.

The ABC has contacted the carpet cleaner and cleaning company for comment.

The government is also calling on the ACCAC to investigate the carpet removal scam.

If this is an Australian scam, it’s not the first time carpet cleaning has been involved in a major scam.

A similar scam in 2012 involved a man who sold carpets made with a type of asbestos in Australia.

He sold them for $100 each.

It was revealed in January that a similar scam was underway in Victoria.

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