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What we know about the state of Montana’s carpet cleaning industry

In a move that will make Montana’s carpets a bit cleaner than most of the country, the state is planning to phase out its carpet-cleaning business and sell the business to a company with a laundry list of environmental and consumer rights concerns.

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality has approved the plan, which is being called the Montana Environmental Strategy Plan.

The plan is expected to be voted on in early March.

Montana Environmental Strategy plan (PDF) The plan aims to eliminate carpet cleaning as the primary cleaning process for residential homes and other residential structures.

It says carpet cleaning will be phased out in the next five years and that carpet cleaning operations should be eliminated entirely by 2025.

It calls on Montana residents to “take back their homes from carpet cleaners and other industrial wastes.”

According to the plan’s proposed schedule, carpet cleaning could take place on private property from 2020 through 2025, and would continue until 2020.

The deadline for residents to stop carpet cleaning is 2025, though there is no specific date set for the phase out.

The plan says carpet-removal chemicals could be phased in to residential homes by 2022.

The state’s new carpet cleaning operation will be in place until 2025.

There are a few other environmental concerns in the plan that are important to residents and the environment.

In particular, the plan says the state will need to address air quality concerns and other “human health and safety” issues, as well as “climate change-related impacts.”

The state has not yet decided on a timeline for phase out, but said it would consider public comment on the plan for six months.

The state is also planning to eliminate its carpet cleaning business.

There are no details on how this will happen.

The new carpet-cleaner operation will start in 2019 and be fully operational by 2022, the Montana Department for Environmental Quality said in a news release.

The company is based in Kansas City, Missouri.

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