How to make a beautiful bath mat with a pillow, a pillowsaw, and a rug

The bath mat is one of the simplest and most versatile objects in your home.

You can use it to cover a bed, floor, and more, or you can use the mat to make bedding or pillows for your family.

If you’ve got a rug, this article will help you make it look like it came from outer space.

Step 1.

Find a rug that fits the space you haveStep 2.

Find the right size rugStep 3.

Find your pillow, and cut it into stripsStep 4.

Take the strips, put them in the bedding trayStep 5.

Fold them in halfStep 6.

Place them in your pillow caseStep 7.

Lay your bedding on topStep 8.

Roll them upStep 9.

Place your rug on topThe rug mat is perfect for those occasions when you need to take the rug mat to the next level, like when you’re taking your children to play outside, or when you want to decorate your living room.

This rug mat will give your bed or couch a beautiful and luxurious look with the added benefit of saving money!

The carpet shampoo cleaning pillows can be purchased at any home improvement store, or online at Bed Bath & Beyond.

I purchased a pair for $9.99.

The pillows were very soft and felt soft when I laid them on the floor.

I love that they come in two sizes so I can easily stack them and stack them up to make different sized beds.

This is a great rug mat for any room you want it to be a little more spacious.

I was also surprised that they came with two pillows instead of just one, as they would be too large for a single pillow.

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