Lowes carpet cleaners are a ‘great benefit’ to Queenslanders

A low-cost carpet cleaner in Queensland has claimed that his work has saved the lives of many of the people he has helped clean, after his company’s products were blamed for the deaths of three people in the Queensland city of Lismore.

The owner of Lowes Cleaners of Queensland, Peter Rennie, said the company’s services had saved the life of a young boy who had died from pneumonia, and saved the face of a woman who had been poisoned by a snake in Lismorrie.

“Our carpet cleaning business has helped hundreds of people over the years,” Mr Rennies told Al Jazeera on Thursday.

“I’m a very passionate guy.

I love it.”

“We have been so happy to have been able to provide this service for the last 10 or 12 years.”

The Queensland Government had previously warned that the company could face fines if it did not stop misleading customers about its products.

In December, the Queensland Government warned that it would seek to fine Lowes $6.5 million for misleading customers and misleading its own inspectors.

“If you are not satisfied with the product, don’t buy it,” said the Premier, Steven Marshall, who said the firm should also be subject to “proper scrutiny” before it is allowed to continue supplying carpet cleaning services in Queensland.

In a statement, the company said it was “confident that we have met the requirements” for the fines and said it would continue to work with local authorities to “provide quality carpet cleaning”.

“As the premier of Queensland and a strong advocate of carpet cleaning in Queensland, I am confident that the proper oversight will be undertaken to ensure that our customers and suppliers are provided with the products that are best for them,” Lowes said in a statement.

“We take every step to ensure our services are safe and appropriate and will continue to do so.”

The Victorian Government has also said it is “deeply concerned” by Lowes’ carpet cleaning practices, and has also asked the company to stop selling its products to customers.

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