How to spot a scam in carpet cleaning

The carpet cleaning industry is littered with unscrupulous carpet cleaners and the number of scams is on the rise.

Some carpet cleaning companies are owned by foreign nationals, which makes it difficult for the Indian consumers to know whether they are being scammed or not.

In an attempt to combat the rising number of scam allegations, the Association of Indian Residential Landlords (AIRL) launched a program to identify scams and to educate the consumer about the issues faced by carpet cleaners.

The AirL launched the campaign titled, “The carpet cleaning business is a scam” to identify carpet cleaners that are taking advantage of Indian consumers and to help the industry avoid the rising numbers of scam cases.

The campaign will also highlight the common mistakes carpet cleaners make in their routine cleaning practices, and will highlight the steps consumers can take to protect themselves.

The campaign will focus on carpet cleaners from all over the country, and include video and audio content.

The goal of the campaign is to help consumers identify the carpet cleaning company, which may not be an honest company.

The airl is also encouraging consumers to use the information from the campaign to make their own informed decisions on whether or not to hire carpet cleaners in the future.

According to an AIRL survey conducted in April 2017, the number one scam in the carpet industry is carpet cleaning from foreign nationals.

The AIRL also found that around half of the carpet cleaners surveyed said they were scammed by the same company over the course of the three years.

The carpet cleaners are often inexperienced and lack proper training, such as carpet cleaning education.

While carpet cleaning is a complex industry, carpet cleaning experts say the carpet cleaner industry needs to develop better education and awareness about carpet cleaning.

“If people know about the scam, they can easily spot the scam.

This will help them in protecting themselves.

If the carpet is clean, it is more likely that they are going to get a job,” said Vinay Jain, the president of AIRL.

According the AirL, the carpet cleaners scam is on a roll.

The number of carpet cleaning scams has grown to almost 30,000 in 2017.

Jain said the carpet company is responsible for more than 95% of all carpet cleaning incidents in India.

“They are scammers, they prey on the consumers and if consumers do not follow proper guidelines they are getting scammed,” he said.

The AirL has also launched an app called “How to Spot a Scam in the Coalface Cleaning Industry” that helps consumers identify carpet cleaning scam cases and help the carpet cleansing industry stay safe.

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