‘I’m a little sad’: After cleaning carpet in hotel, landlord ‘was shocked’

A US hotel carpet cleaning company has been forced to refund $1,400 to its customers after a “thorough cleaning” by the landlord who was “surprised” to discover the carpet had been left in a bathroom, the Washington Post reported.

The incident happened in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue last year, and was caught on video by a customer.

The hotel management company, Clean Carpet, said the cleaning was done “within the guidelines” and was “in compliance with the standards and laws of the hotel.”

The incident, however, came to light after a customer complained that the hotel had left the carpet in a room with his son, who had been sleeping in the bathroom.

“We’re sorry to see that it was the carpet that caused the issue,” said Matt Kline, the managing director of Clean Carpets, in a statement.

“The carpet cleaning was thorough and in compliance with hotel industry standards.

It was also in compliance and in the best interest of the guests.”

The customer, who wished to remain anonymous, said that after cleaning the carpet, he found the carpet “breathing”.

“I guess you could say I was a little disappointed,” he said.

The customer also told the Washington Times that the carpet company’s “tactical” cleaning “didn’t go as planned”.

The Washington Post has not verified the video footage, and has asked the hotel to release it.

A hotel spokeswoman told the newspaper that the cleaning company was “trying to sort out the issue”.

The company said the “cleaner” cleaning was completed in a “proper environment”, but that the company “is still investigating and will take appropriate action”.

The hotel has said that “as the situation was unfolding, it was made clear that no carpet cleaning or cleaning staff was involved.”

A hotel spokesman said the incident is “under investigation”.

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