How to remove the stains and clean the carpets with a sponge

TechRadars: Clean carpets, remove stains article Clean carpeting can be difficult to achieve, especially for those of us with sensitive skin and those who want to remove stains from the carpet.

But if you’re looking for a quick, cheap, and environmentally friendly solution to the carpet cleaning task, this sponge can help.

The sponge is an easy to use, affordable alternative to the expensive carpet cleaning products.

It works by coating the carpet surface with a mixture of water, vinegar, and sugar, which is then mixed with a damp cloth.

The result is a carpet of pure white powder, which will soak up any stains on the carpet surface and leave a white residue.

It is also good at removing carpet stains, although we found it didn’t really do the job for us.

Instead, we used a cotton pad soaked in vinegar and sugar to wipe the carpet with.

The vinegar and cane sugar soak up the excess carpet grease, leaving a residue of white.

We found the solution worked pretty well, and it only cost us £2.50.

We didn’t get the results we were hoping for.

The carpet did not wash cleanly, which led to a slight residue of dirt on the floor.

However, the residue was barely noticeable, so it did not affect the appearance of the carpet at all.

We would definitely recommend this sponge, especially if you have sensitive skin.

However if you’ve been using carpet cleaners on carpets for a long time and you’ve just noticed a slight smell, it may be worth giving the sponge a try.

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