Lubbock carpet cleaning company receives $500K in funding

Lubbocks carpet cleaning service is now seeking a $500,000 investment in order to launch an expansion.

The company is hoping to expand to a larger area of the city and is also looking to expand its reach into other markets, such as Texas.

Lubboo, which is currently home to more than 2 million people, has struggled financially, but the company hopes to find a new home for the services.

“We’ve had a lot of good feedback from clients, but we’ve also been trying to find the right opportunity to get some funding,” said Lubbos president and CEO Brian Wysocki.

“The more people we get the better, and we’ve been trying really hard to find something.”

Lubbones carpet cleaning is one of the largest carpet cleaning companies in the country, with more than 50 locations across the U.S. The carpet cleaning business has seen a surge in popularity over the past few years as people look to make their homes cleaner and reduce odors in their home.

Linns carpet cleaning has been around for a long time, and has been providing a clean, professional service since 2004.

In addition to offering carpet cleaning, Linnses customers have also started to offer furniture and other cleaning products, including cleaning services.

Wysampi told The Next Tech that the company is currently looking for investors and will seek to raise the funding to expand in order for it to expand beyond the Lubbons carpet cleaning market.

“Our biggest challenge is finding the right market,” he said.

“It’s going to be a challenge to find another market.

It’s a real pain.”

The company currently has only three locations across Texas, but Wysacki hopes to open more.

“If we can expand to other markets then that would be great, but right now we are just trying to get a foothold,” he added.

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