Amazon’s carpet cleaning app is getting an update

Posted March 02, 2018 10:31:10Amazon’s carpet cleaners are one of the most popular in the home automation industry.

And this week, they’re getting a big update, thanks to an update from a third-party app developer.

Matt Smith, who’s known as “Matt the Cleaner,” has been working on a new app for a while, and now it’s finally out for testing.

It’s not quite ready for release just yet, but the developer says it will be in beta in a few weeks.

This is a big milestone for Matt’s app, since he’s already been working hard on his own cleaning app.

He’s spent years creating this app, and he wants it to be one of his very first products.

Matt has a knack for making apps and apps that can get good reviews.

And he’s built a few successful cleaning apps over the years.

His newest one, called Matt the Cleaning, is his own personal cleaning app for Amazon’s Echo Dot.

Matt said he got his start in cleaning with a few products.

He said the first was a hand cleaner called Lush, which he used for cleaning his hands.

Lush was very expensive, so Matt decided to make his own.

Matt built a custom version of Lush for his home, but he wanted to offer the same functionality to the Echo Dot, so he built a separate app for the Echo.

The app worked perfectly, but Matt was a bit disappointed in how easy it was to use.

The Echo Dot was his first smart speaker, and the company had already invested in some smart speakers.

It’s also the device that Matt’s first app, which uses the Echo’s microphone, was designed to use with.

Matt is very much a home automation enthusiast, so it was a big deal to him to see an Echo Dot that could clean and vacuum his house.

He wanted the same features as his Echo Dot when he started using it, but with a lot less expensive hardware.

Matt explained that he has a personal cleaning routine for his Echo.

He uses it to vacuum his apartment, he uses it for his bathroom, and then he uses the app to vacuum the whole house.

And it has a few other features that make it very useful, too.

Matt’s app will also help you check your Amazon Echo, which is a smart speaker.

You can see how it works on this YouTube video.

Matt said the Echo can show you the current status of your cleaning routine, including how much it’s cleaning, what it’s washing, and how much is left.

He says he’s able to see how much time is left before the cleaning is complete, which can help him with getting his cleaning done on time.

You can also see how long your cleaning will take on the app, as well as what your cleaning schedule is for the day.

And you can use it to see if your cleaning is completed, so you can know if it’s safe to move forward with your cleaning.

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